Academic & Career Plan Toolkit

About this Toolkit: The Academic and Career Plan Toolkit is designed to provide educators with resources to successfully implement the Academic and Career Plan (ACP) as required by the Virginia Department of Education (see requirement here).

Tips for Using this Toolkit:

  • Use the ACP Parent Guide to explain the Academic and Career Plan to parents in your school.
  • Use the ACP Educator Guide as a resource and share with co-workers who want to know more about the ACP process.
  • Arrange student-led parent/teacher conferences addressing student strengths, skills and interests. Develop a parent-educator-student team to support the student.
  • Have students play on Career Town, explore Kid’s Search, navigate through Career Search and research postsecondary schools in School Search.
  • Involve parents! Organize meetings with parents, speak at a PTA meeting, or post information about career development and the ACP initiative on your school or professional website.

Educator and Parent Resources
ACP Parent and Educator Guide
ACP Educator Guide (only)
ACP Parent Guide (only)
Career Pathways & Links to Virginia Career VIEW

Student Resources
Career Interview
Career Role Models
Family Chat
Plans for the Future
What is Career and Technical Education?
When Will I Ever Use This?
Who Are You? Interest Assessment
You’ve Got Talent

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