Your question: What NBA players are from UCLA?

Player Pos PPG
Kyle Anderson PF 12.38
Trevor Ariza SF 9.40
Lonzo Ball PG 14.58
Moses Brown C 8.60

How many current NBA players are from UCLA?

Many former players advanced to play professionally in the National Basketball Association (NBA). During the 2010–2011 NBA season, UCLA had 14 active players in the NBA, more than any other program. As of the 2020–21 season, 99 former UCLA players have played in the NBA.

What NBA players are from Los Angeles?

L.A. isn’t quite as loaded as NYC, but it sure has produced a ton of talent. Players were ranked in ascending order of dominance in the NBA.

  1. Reggie Miller.
  2. Russell Westbrook. 8 of 9. …
  3. James Harden. 7 of 9. …
  4. Paul Pierce. 6 of 9. …
  5. Kawhi Leonard. 5 of 9. …
  6. Paul George. 4 of 9. …
  7. Dennis Johnson. 3 of 9. …
  8. Paul Westphal. 2 of 9. …

What NBA players are from California?

Featuring Hall of Fame greats, superstars, and active players, this list of basketball players who were born in California includes Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Reggie Miller, Damian Lillard, the Ball brothers Lonzo and LaMelo, plus many more NBA players from Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, and San …

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What NBA players went to Harvard?

Former Harvard Players Who Played In The NBA

Player Pos HT
Wyndol Gray GF 6-1
Jeremy Lin G 6-3
Saul Mariaschin G 5-11
Ed Smith F 6-6

Who Wore 0 for UCLA?

Retired numbers

No. Player NCAA
31 Reggie Miller
32 Bill Walton 2
33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 3
35 Sidney Wicks 3

Who wore number 1 at UCLA?

2020-21 Men’s Basketball Roster

# Full Name Ht.
Jaylen Clark 6-5
1 Jules Bernard 6-6
2 Cody Riley 6-9
3 Johnny Juzang 6-6

Which NBA players are from Compton?


  • Jeff Trepagnier – NBA player.
  • Arron Afflalo – NBA Player.
  • Larry Allen – Pro Football Hall of Fame player.
  • Alex Acker – American professional basketball player.
  • Bob Beamon – Olympic track & field gold medalist.
  • Jeanette Bolden – UCLA track coach.
  • Earlene Brown – Olympic medalist.
  • Kenny Brunner – streetball player.

What NBA players are from North Carolina?

139 Players

Rk Player City
1 George Adams Kings Mountain
2 Ty-Shon Alexander Charlotte
3 Kadeem Allen Wilmington

Is James Harden from Compton?

James spent most of his early life in the ‘Rancho Dominguez’ section of Compton. He had two siblings: a half-brother named Akili Roberson and a sister named Arnique Jelks. James attended the ‘Artesia High School’ in Lakewood, California. He then joined ‘Arizona State’ and played for them.

Where is Kobe Bryant from?

Philadelphia, PA

What states do most NBA players come from?

So far during the 2016-17 NBA season, 428 players have played in at least one game and no state has produced more of those players than California. Of the players who have appeared in the NBA this season, 46 (10.7%) were born in California. Texas (23) is the only other state with at least 20 active NBA players.

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What city has the most players in the NBA?

(For the record, California has the most players in the league. And there is A LOT of talent from Los Angeles.

Who is the smartest NBA player?

#1 Chris Paul

Chris Paul is not the most athletic NBA player, but what he lacks in athleticism, he makes up for in intelligence. He is arguably the smartest person ever to play the game. It can be argued that his high basketball IQ is an innate ability as opposed to it developing over time.

How many Ivy League players are in the NBA?

While Maloney went undrafted, Jerome Allen is the last Ivy League player to be drafted into the NBA. The Minnesota Timberwolves selected Allen with the 49th overall pick in 1995. He later played for the Pacers and Nuggets. In fact, there have only been two players from the Ivy League selected the last two decades.

What school has the most NBA players?

This means a maximum of 510 players are in the NBA at the start of a new season. The Kentucky Wildcats have 32 players throughout the NBA.

Colleges with the most players on 2020-21 NBA rosters.

School Number
Michigan 11
Texas 11
Villanova 9
Career at a glance