Quick Answer: How does college move in day work?

Move-in day is usually crammed full of events, meetings, and to-dos, so sticking to your assigned move-in time is of high importance. Every minute of your move-in day is scheduled for a reason: there is a lot to cover and all of it is important. Go to every event you’re assigned to, be there on time, and take notes.

Do you stay in your dorm after move in day?

Anything you bring during welcome week, or throughout your stay in your dorm, has to leave. Likely, it’s going to be you packing up your dorm at the end of the day. … So, make sure you are ready to move out everything that you move into your dorm room.

Is it normal to cry on college move in day?

Yes, It’s Totally OK to Cry When You Get Dropped Off at College. For so many, heading off to college is that first taste of freedom, maybe your first sip of alcohol or your first frat party. It’s the chance to be out on your own and away from parental rules, supervision, and curfews.

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How do I survive college move in day?

10 Tips To Survive College Move In Day

  1. Read your dorm guidelines beforehand. …
  2. Contact your roommate BEFORE college move in day. …
  3. Use plastic tubs instead of boxes. …
  4. Label each tote by category. …
  5. Know what you’ll immediately need, and keep that separate. …
  6. Make your bed as soon as possible.


What should I wear for college move in day?

Move-in day is a good opportunity to flirt with your hot dorm mates (more on that later), but it’s also not a beauty pageant. Wear clothes you can actually do some lifting in, and keep it simple: T-shirt, shorts, sneakers. No need to throw on those cute gladiator sandals for bustier blouse.

When should I move in for college?

It is recommended that you don’t wait to move in until the last minute (think less than one hour before your first orientation activity). You might need extra time to shop for items you forgot; organize your new living space; and meet roommates, housemates, and neighbors. You also need to avoid moving in too early.

What to do after moving in day?

5 Things You Must Do After Move-In Day

  1. Make Sure Utilities Are Set Up.
  2. Unpack.
  3. Get Renter’s Insurance.
  4. 4. Mail Forwarding and Change of Address.
  5. Meet the Neighbors.


Is it normal to cry in college?

It is very normal. It’s a big change, leaving home, going to some strange place, leaving all that is familiar. It can be exciting and overwhelming and scary all at the same time. I cried when I first went off to college.

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How do I not be sad when I leave for college?

But remind yourself this: if leaving weren’t bittersweet, it would mean you had nothing good to leave behind. Educate yourself on the courses, clubs, events, and services offered at your new school. Be excited about the array of opportunities available to you once you’re on campus! Make schedules, lists, and plans.

How do you not cry in college?

Stopping Your Tears. Distract yourself. If you haven’t started crying yet, but think you might, try distracting yourself from your sad thoughts. Play a game on your phone, or try to joke around with a friend, or try engaging deeply in your math book, or listening carefully and fully to what your teacher is saying.

How do people survive in college dorms?

5 Tips For Surviving Dorm Life

  1. Don’t Just Shout. Talk It Out. …
  2. Make Your Room Represent YOU. Your dorm room isn’t just the place where you sleep or study. …
  3. A Clean Room Is a Happy Room. Cleanliness is important. …
  4. Snack Time Is the Best Time. …
  5. Be Open to Differences.

What should I pack for college move in?

Clothes and Laundry

  • Clothes. Your space will be limited, so only bring what you think you will wear. …
  • Weather-appropriate outer clothes. You will probably be walking to class; be sure your coat or jacket is right for the climate.
  • Laundry basket and/or bag.
  • Laundry detergent.
  • Bleach.
  • Dryer sheets.
  • Stain remover stick.
  • Underwear.

What do I need to move to college?

Linens/Laundry Supplies

  • Sheets and pillowcases (2 sets. Check with college for size needed — some college twin beds are extra long.)
  • Towels (3 each of bath, hand and face)
  • Pillows (2)
  • Mattress pad (check with college for size needed)
  • Blankets (2)
  • Comforter/bedspread.
  • Clothes hangers.
  • Laundry bag/basket.
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What clothes to wear moving?

There is no doubt that you will be quite active during your moving day. Wear pants that are made with flexible and lightweight material. The pants should move freely, and they should provide you comfort. Loose fitting jeans, pants and shorts are the best options for lower body wear.

What should you not bring to college?

13 Things NOT to Bring to College

  • Your high school t-shirts. Colleges are notorious for handing out plenty of free t-shirts during the first week of school, so you will have plenty of t-shirt options. …
  • Furniture. …
  • Sports gear. …
  • More than two sheet and towel sets. …
  • Bulky luggage. …
  • Appliances. …
  • Too many shoes. …
  • Printer.


How should I dress for college?

Here are our tips on how to dress well for college girls simplified in list form:

  1. Comfortable walking shoes are your best friends.
  2. Blazers give your outfits instant style.
  3. Try a minimalistic wardrobe.
  4. Wear dresses – they are simple, one-and-done outfits that save time!
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with funky accessories.
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