Quick Answer: Do you need SAT scores if you transfer from community college?

While some colleges will grant exceptions, most will require the SAT even from transfer students. … For those considering transfer, this requirement can be daunting, especially since it’s normally associated solely with high school upperclassmen.

What happens when you transfer from a community college to a university?

The California college transfer agreements can make it easier for students to transfer from community colleges to UC or CSU schools. … The law requires that UC and CSU schools set up a specific path of requirements that, if fulfilled by the community college student, will lead directly to admission to that school.

Do I need to take the SAT if I’m going to a community college?

The vast majority of community colleges do not require SAT or ACT scores as a general admission requirement. That’s great news for those who cringe at the thought of standardized testing (we know, they’re awful), and such tests make admission more competitive and less assured.

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Do transfer schools look at SAT?

Transferring to another college is not like applying to college the first time. Your high school transcript and test scores will take a back seat to your college transcript. So earn strong grades in college if you hope to transfer (some schools will still want to see your SAT or ACT scores as well).

Is a 3.7 GPA good in community college?

A 3.7 GPA is a very good GPA, especially if your school uses an unweighted scale. If you’ve been taking high level classes and earning a 3.7 unweighted GPA, you’re in great shape and can expect to be accepted to many selective colleges. …

Is it bad to go to community college then transfer?

Community colleges offer significantly lower tuition, smaller classes and strong student support. … In fact, many university advisors recommend that students attend community college “college transfer” programs first, and then transfer to universities for the final two years.

Will community colleges accept anyone?

Namely, most community colleges have an open admissions policy. That means, in theory, that they accept anyone who applies if they meet the minimum qualifications. Usually, that would mean you just need to show your high school diploma and pay your tuition and enrollment fees.

Can I get into community college with a bad GPA?

Though you’re unlikely to be admitted into an Ivy League college with a 2.5 GPA, low grades don’t necessarily mean you won’t get into college.

Should you go to community college first?

In other words, it isn’t bad to go to community college first. Community colleges simply offer a different type of higher education that has different goals than other higher education options. Going to community college then transferring to a four-year college is a great choice for many students!

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Should I retake SAT as transfer student?

If your SAT/ACT score is low for admitted students, you may want to retake, especially if your transfer GPA is lower, if you have fewer college courses under your belt, if the school you’re applying to is particularly competitive.

Does transferring colleges look bad?

Transferring college isn’t reflected as bad at all, especially if you transfer to a better college. Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia. Most transfer admissions is harder than freshmen admissions with the exception of a few. Most public schools (UC, UVA, W&M, UMich, UNC, etc.)

Does Stanford require SAT for transfer?

Transfer Application Requirements

You must submit official high school and college/university transcripts. SAT Scores: The ACT Plus Writing or the SAT (Critical Reading, Math and Writing) is required of all undergraduate applicants.

Can you get into Harvard with a 3.7 GPA?

Is 3.7 GPA good enough for Harvard? … So yes, you have a chance to get in if you have a 1500 SAT Score and near perfect SAT Subject Test scores along with a 3.7 GPA.

Is a 2.7 GPA good in college?

This roughly translates to a 3.0 GPA. A 2.7 GPA means that you are a below-average student because that roughly translates to a B- grade. Straight off the bat, in case you are enrolled in a highly specialized course that is notorious for its difficult course work, then yes, a 2.7 gpa university is acceptable.

Is a 4.0 at a community college good?

Getting a 4.0 GPA in Community College is Easy Enough

Although the exact specifications will differ by school, in most cases you will have to hold a 3.5 GPA or higher in order to receive this academic honor. So all you really have to do is keep your grades up, which most students are keen to do in any case.

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