Quick Answer: Can I go to university with NCV level 4?

NC(V) 4 applicants are eligible for university admission only if they have obtained a full qualification. No applicant will be admitted based on the completion of certain subjects in a qualification.

Can I study at university with NCV level 4?

Universities now accepted college students without matric but with National Certificate Vocational (NCV) level 4, according to Qonde. “If you’ve got NCV level 4, it’s equivalent to a matric certificate. If you’ve got NCV, universities now enrol you more than they used to.

Does UJ accept NCV students?

For admission to a BCom Degree and BA Degree (3 years) the applicant must have: A NCV (level 4) issued by the Council for General and Further Education and Training. Achieved a minimum of 60% for 6 of the 7 subjects – fundamental and vocational categories.

Does University of Pretoria accept NCV students?

National Certificate (Vocational) (NCV) Level 4: The University of Pretoria may consider NCV candidates, provided they meet the exemption for bachelor’s status criteria and the programme requirements.

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What can I study at Unisa with NQF Level 4?

Unisa Nqf Level 4 Courses

New NQF level Vocational Professional
8 Postgraduate diploma Postgraduate diploma Bachelor degree
7 Advanced diploma Bachelor degree Advanced diploma
6 Diploma (240 credits and 360 credits) Diploma (360 credits)
6 Advanced certificate (120 credits)

What can I study with my level 4?

NQF Level 4 Equivalent Courses

  • Marketing Management.
  • Legal Secretary.
  • Management Assistant.
  • Educare.
  • HR Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Business Management.

How do you get NCV level 4?

Higher Certificate

Must meet NC(V) level 4 statutory requirements; 40% in either home language or first additional language but one must be the LOTL*; • 30% in either Maths or Maths Lit; • 40% in Life Orientation; • 50% in the four other vocational subjects; • Submit a record of evidence for any subject failed.

Can I go to university with NCV?

NC(V) 4 applicants are eligible for university admission only if they have obtained a full qualification. No applicant will be admitted based on the completion of certain subjects in a qualification.

Can I get a job with NCV certificate?

It is equivalent to a matric certificate but you develop practical skills and knowledge of the workplace. Once you have completed your National Certificate Vocational you can look for a job or apply to a university or college to do a; Higher Certificate programme at NQF level 5.

What is the difference between NQF and NCV?

Equivalent Qualification: … Called the National Certificate Vocational (NCV), this qualification is NQF Level 4, just like Matric. This means that it is an equivalent qualification. Unlike Matric, however, the emphasis is on technical skills.

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How do you pass NCV?

Pass Requirements:

  1. You must pass all SEVEN subjects to obtain the NC(V) qualification at a particular level and to progress to the next NQF Level.
  2. The pass requirement for the four vocational subjects is 50% per subject.
  3. The pass requirement for the fundamentals subjects is as follows. Life Orientation – 40%

What are NCV subjects?

The National Certificate Vocational (NCV) is a new and modern qualification offered at FET Colleges since January 2007. It is offered at Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the National Qualifications Framework which are equivalent to Grades 10, 11 and 12.

What is a NQF level 4?

A NQF level 4 is a matric certificate qualification. You could earn your matric certificate by completing your matric final exams. If you can’t complete your matric, there are national and FET certificates equivalent to it.

Does Nsfas fund Unisa students?

All NSFAS-funded students who pay the minimum registration amount to activate their registration will be refunded once NSFAS has confirmed successful processing of registration data to Unisa. An application for refund is not necessary. Refunds will be paid to the student’s bank account.

Does Damelin offer NQF level 4?

At Damelin Correspondence you can get your grade 10, 11 and 12 certificates. You can get the normal NQF 4 or you can get a more specialized NQF 4. Specialities include accounting, engineering and early child development.

Which courses are still available at Unisa for 2020?


  • Diploma in Policing (98220)
  • Diploma in Accounting Sciences (98200)
  • Diploma in Administrative Management (98216)
  • Diploma in Animal Health (98026 – AHE)
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management (98211)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (98806 – ITE)
  • Diploma in Marketing Management (98202)
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