Is there any dress code in Sharda University?

Is there any uniform in Sharda University?

Dear student, there is no rule of uniform for MBBS students in Sharda University Greater Noida. You are free to wear the clothes you wish to until they are are within the values of University. You need to carry your white coat along with you to the lab for various purposes.

Is Sharda University fake?

Sharda University is a full-fledged University and not a deemed University. Government of Uttar Pradesh has issued us a no objection certificate to run the University.

Can I get direct admission in Sharda University?

Yes, you can get direct admission in Sharda University if you are an eligible student. Students having good academics can get admission in Sharda University after passing the SUAT test with good marks.

Is Sharda University Expensive?

Sharda University stands as the pinnacle of achievement for the Group, with its world-class infrastructure, compared with the rest of the Group colleges. But such posh nature comes at a price – SU is one of the more expensive places to study in NCR.

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Which is better amity or Sharda?

Amity university has a slight advantage over Sharda. But in terms of highest package offered then its Sharda. Amity University has a better placement percentage over Sharda. But if we ignore the minute details and highest salary offered then the Placements of both the Universities are kind of same.

Which is better Cu or Sharda?

Chandigarh University (CU) is better than Sharda University for rotating students. … The faculty at CU are also friendly and supportive towards their students, encouraging them to do better in their career. The infrastructure of CU is better than that of Sharda University.

What is the fees of Sharda University?

Course and Fee

Course Duration Fee (INR)
B.Sc+B.Ed 4 years 3.52 lakhs
B.Sc.+MBA 5 years 4.40 lakhs
B.Tech 4 years 6.56 lakhs
BCA 3 years 4.08 lakhs

Is PHD from Sharda University good?

Sharda university located in Noida is a private university. However the infrastructure is excellent and as a result of this, you would get conducive environment to sustain your Ph. D.


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Is Sharda accredited?

Sharda University was established by an Act of the State Legislature of Uttar Pradesh (14 of 2009). … The University is recognised by UGC and has been accredited by NAAC with a ‘B’ Grade besides being listed under the Uttar Pradesh Private Universities Act, 2019 and the Sharda University Act.

How do I pay my Sharda university fees?

Other Fee Payment Option

  1. Debit/Credit card swipe at Cash counter. Cash counters are located at University campus, Finance & Accounts section (Block-2 basement)
  2. Cash/ Demand draft deposit at Cash counter.
  3. Cheque may be accepted from First-year students only.
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Is Sharda a good university?

Sharda University is one of the best Self-Financed Universities in India. It has received many awards and recognition and it is a well-known university in India. Awarded Best Private Global University of the year by National Education Excellence Award 2017.

Is there any scholarship in Sharda University?

Sharda Scholarship

A number of scholarships are offered to students depending on the academic credentials and their achievements in sporting and cultural arena. The University grants full to partial waiver on tuition fees payable by the student.

Is Sharda good for MBBS?

There is average package for an MBBS student is 25 LPA. The infrastructure of Sharda is good. The faculty members are also good. … In Sharda, there is a different hostel for international students.

Is Hostel compulsory in Sharda University?

Nope, it’s not at all compulsory. It’s your will and choice, if you feel the need to avail the hostel facility, you are welcome. There is no such compulsion for MBBS or any other course students to take hostel.

Is Sharda University private or government?

Sharda University is a private university located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The school is part of the Sharda Group of Institutions, which was founded by P.K Gupta in 1996.

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