Your question: How do you tell a college coach you are no longer interested?

How do you tell a college coach you are not interested?

Keep all of your options open, but if you are absolutely sure that you are not interested in a school, let the coach know right away. Handle it with class. Be sincere and show respect for the coach and program. Keep it short.

What should you not say to a college coach?

What “Not” to Say to a College Coach

  • Avoid: Overselling your abilities. There is never a reason for you to oversell your abilities. …
  • Avoid: Bad-mouthing your high school coaches. …
  • Avoid: Comparing yourself to others. …
  • Avoid: Talking about how coachable you are.

How do I tell my coach I committed elsewhere?

Be Professional: Out of respect for other coaches and their programs, you should be as mature and professional as possible when informing them of your decision. One way to do this is to speak to them personally over the phone, rather than sending a generic email to every school who recruited you.

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How do you keep a college coach interested?

Be yourself and be respectful of the coach’s time. Use a phone call as a time to feel out whether the coach is interested. Secure An Offer Letter: Your end goal in the recruiting process is an offer letter. Being clear that you want to play for a coach will help a coach see that you’re interested in their program.

What college coaches look for in recruits?

12 Things All College Coaches Want in a Recruit

  • Athleticism: First and foremost, you must have the skills to play in college. …
  • Solid academics: You must prove that you can thrive in an academic setting. …
  • Good Character: …
  • Work Ethic: …
  • Team Player: …
  • Hustle: …
  • Sports IQ: …
  • Maturity:


Is it better to text or email a college coach?

Texting allows you to respond faster and get to know the coach on a more personal level. … However, coaches cannot begin actively recruiting them until June 15th after their sophomore year. If you would like to communicate with a college coach before then, your high school coach can often serve as an intermediary.

Is it OK to text a college coach?

It is completely OK to text a college coach.

Be sure, however, that texting a coach is the appropriate form of contact. By the time you begin texting a coach, you should generally have had prior contact via both email and phone calls.

Should parents reach out to college coaches?

Encourage your student-athlete

Contacting college coaches can be intimidating and athletes will likely lean on their parents for help during the process. Parents should be supportive, while also setting the expectation that the athlete is responsible for managing their own recruiting process.

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What questions should parents ask college coaches?

Here are 10 questions parents should ask college coaches:

  • What does a day, week or year in the life of one of your student-athletes look like? …
  • What types of on/off campus activities are available to athletes? …
  • What type of academic support do athletes receive? …
  • What are the housing accommodations like?


How do you announce a verbal commitment?

Announcing Your Verbal Commitment: Verbally committing is exciting! After deciding you are ready to commit, you should set a date to publicize your commitment. This can take many forms, but most frequently recruits create a social media post or announce their decision in front of their schools/family.

How long do college coaches take to respond?

Generally expect a response from a college coach about two weeks after sending your introduction email. If they respond within this timeline, you’re likely high on their priority list of recruits.

How do you respond to an athletic scholarship?

Here are some things you should do to get through this challenging situation:

  1. Communicate clearly with the coach what you need, what you are thinking, and when you would be able to make a decision.
  2. Communicate often with the coach and keep them up to date with your decision making process and timeline.
  3. Ask questions!

How do you know if a college coach wants you?

Official Visits – One of the clearest signs of a college coach being interested in you is if you are offered an official visit. Official visits are paid for completely by the college; they provide transportation, lodging, food, and tours of a campus for highly recruited athletes.

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What do d1 coaches look for?

Every college coach in the country wants a roster full of players who are mentally and physically tough. They want focused, aggressive competitors. College coaches notice attributes like effort, fearlessness, and confidence. They also want players who don’t let a mistake affect them.

Is a college coach interested in me?

The coach is likely quite interested if you’re receiving calls, texts or direct messages through social media. If the coach has given you their personal contact information, you can feel confident that you are relatively high up on their list of recruits.

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