Where is Trent University Canada?

What city is Trent University?

Trent University :: Peterborough. Durham, Ontario, Canada – Trent University.

What is Trent University known for?

Trent University is a public liberal arts university in Peterborough, Ontario, with a satellite campus in Oshawa, which serves the Regional Municipality of Durham. Trent is known for its Oxbridge college system and small class sizes.

In which province is Trent University?

Trent University is also centrally located within the province of Ontario.

How many campuses does Trent University have?

Trent University offers students the opportunity to study at 2 campuses – Peterborough and Durham GTA. The Peterborough campus features rigorous academic programs, housed on 1,400 acres, in a breathtaking natural setting on the banks of the Otonabee River.

What is the #1 university in Canada?

QS World University Rankings 2021 – Top 10 Universities in Canada
Canada Rank Global Rank University
1 =25 University of Toronto
2 =31 McGill University
3 45 University of British Columbia

Where is Trent located?

River Trent, river in the English Midlands. It rises in the county of Staffordshire and, after flowing southeastward, northeastward, and then northward for 168 miles (270 km), enters the Humber estuary 40 miles (65 km) from the North Sea. Its drainage basin covers more than 4,000 square miles (10,000 square km).

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Is McGill the Harvard of Canada?

Referring to McGill as the “Harvard of Canada” is fundamentally disingenuous for the simple reason that it is untrue. While a distinguished and reputable research university, McGill is simply not on par financially with private, elite American universities.

Is Trent University a good school?

Trent University is ranked 1436 in Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report and has an overall score of 4.1 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

What is the cheapest university in Canada?

Most affordable universities in Canada

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland – tuition fees: 2,150 – 11,460 CAD/year.
  • University of Regina – tuition fees: 1,715 – 20,050 CAD/year.
  • Royal Roads University – tuition fees: 3,750 – 27,600 CAD/year.
  • University of Saskatchewan – tuition fees: 4,110 – 24,000 CAD/year.


Is Trent a party school?

We tallied the average weekly party hours for each school, removing extreme outliers to ensure a small number of “super partiers” don’t skew the results.

Canada’s top party schools 2020.

Rank University Hours Partying
13 Trent University 4.9
*14 Carleton University 4.8
*14 University of Ottawa 4.8
16 University of Guelph 4.6

Is Trent University Expensive?

These costs represent an eight-month budget.

Tuition (Undergraduate – general programs) $24,250
Books & Supplies $1,000
* Housing & Meals $9,000 – $14,100
Personal $1,500 – 2,000
Total $38,558 – $44,158

What is the acceptance rate for Trent University?

33% (2010)

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What is Canada’s best university?

  • University of Toronto. Canada|Toronto. #1. …
  • University of British Columbia. Canada|Vancouver. #2. …
  • McGill University. Canada|Montreal. #3. …
  • McMaster University. Canada|Hamilton. #4. …
  • University of Alberta. Canada|Edmonton. #5. …
  • University of Montreal. Canada|Montreal. …
  • University of Calgary. Canada|Calgary. …
  • University of Ottawa. Canada|Ottawa.

Is Trent a university or college?

Trent University is home to a unique system of organization: The College system. The College system creates smaller social, athletic, and academic communities within the larger institution of the University.

What rank is York?

York University has ranked in a number of post-secondary rankings. In the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities rankings, the university ranked 401–500 in the world and 19 in Canada. The 2022 QS World University Rankings ranked the university 494th in the world, and seventeenth in Canada.

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