Quick Answer: How much does a student ambassador get paid?

State Avg. salary Hourly rate
New York New York $27,627 $27,627 $13.28 $13.28

Do you get paid to be a student ambassador?

Frequently asked questions about Student Ambassador salaries

The average salary for Student Ambassador is £20,944 per year in United Kingdom. … The highest salary for Student Ambassador in United Kingdom is £28,640 per year.

How much do college ambassadors get paid?

The average salary for a Student Ambassador is $24,764 per year in United States.

How many hours do Student Ambassadors work?

Most students can work up to 20 hours per week. This may vary depending upon your availability, the number of shifts available, and how proactive you are in seeking work. Work is available throughout the year, including evenings, weekends and during holiday periods.

How much do Student Ambassadors get paid UK?

How much will I be paid? The current hourly rate of pay is £9.99 in total. This is inclusive of statutory holiday pay.

How can I become a student ambassador?

You may find that experience in other jobs will help you become a student ambassador. In fact, many student ambassador jobs require experience in a role such as internship. Meanwhile, many student ambassadors also have previous career experience in roles such as volunteer or sales associate.

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What is the job of a student ambassador?

An admissions ambassador is a student chosen to represent your school to prospective students and their families throughout the admissions process. Also called student ambassadors, these pupils act as liaisons between the school staff and current student body, and those considering attending.

How much do Facebook campus ambassadors make?

How much does a Campus Ambassador in United States make? The average salary for a Campus Ambassador is $34,511 per year in United States.

Is it worth being a student ambassador?

Aside from the obvious benefit of earning a little extra money whilst studying, working as an Ambassador is a great way to get more out of your time at university. … Becoming a Student Ambassador provides the chance to meet a broad range of students from across the University, so it’s a really good way to make friends!

Is student ambassador a good job?

Being a Student Ambassador is a deeply rewarding opportunity both on a personal level and also in terms of your career prospects after leaving St Andrews.

How do you describe student ambassador on a resume?

Apart from providing general monitoring and guidance to prospective students, the Student Ambassador Resume describes the following duties to be executed – developing relationships with prospective students and collecting all essential information such as phone, mail, email, social media and personal visits; helping …

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