How long do you wait for student no show Vipkid?

When a student doesn’t show up for class, and it’s not marked student no show prior to class starting, you are supposed to wait 15 minutes in the classroom for a trial. You will have to wait 25 minutes for a major course (MC). Most likely, the firemen will mark it student no show about five minutes into the class.

What happens if student no show Vipkid?

For a VIPKID major course student no show, you will receive full pay. … When a VIPKID student no show occurs for a trial class, teachers are only paid half of their class pay rate. This happens because you only stay in the classroom for 15 minutes.

Do you get paid for student no show Vipkid?

Yes! If it is a normal major course, you receive your full pay even if a student does not show up. For trial student no shows, you get paid half of your base pay. However if the student cancels the class before 24 hours, that time slot just becomes available again for other students to book.

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How many teacher no shows can you have with Vipkid?

Total Class Cancellations

Life happens. So, VIPKid allows us to have a maximum of 6 individual class cancellations per contract. Now before you freak out, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule. When a teacher reaches 7 cancellations in one contract, VIPKid puts the contract under review.

How long do you have to stay for a trial class Vipkid?

A VIPKID trial class is 25 minutes long. If a student shows up to class early, do not start until the clock reaches 0:00. You will also want to stay in class until the 25-minute marker unless told otherwise by the fireman or if the student doesn’t show up to class.

How long does it take Vipkid to review profile?

For most people, the full VIPKID hiring process takes 1-2 weeks.

Is there a practice classroom for Vipkid?

Applicants. If you are an applicant, you will use this classroom for your demo and mock classes. In the mock classes you will be able to enter the classroom one hour before your scheduled time to practice moving around and using the different features.

Is working for Vipkid worth it?

You can teach while your child is sleeping and not have to pay for childcare. Just make sure there’s someone who can tend to your kid if they wake up since you won’t be able to leave in the middle of class. If you’re one of the many people stuck at home right now and in need of work, VIPKID is definitely worth it.

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How much money can you make a month with Vipkid?

VIPKID can look just about however you want it to: You can turn it into a full-time job and work all hours of the night, earning $4,000 per month. Or you can do what I do and teach a few hours each morning, earning between around $150 and $700 per month depending on your schedule.

Is it hard to get Vipkid bookings?

VIPKid itself says it may take a few weeks to get booked, especially since they have so much to process and review for your profile. They are reviewing your photos, video, translating your bio, etc. Do not worry if you are a week in with no bookings! That is totally normal.

Is it bad to cancel Vipkid class?

Financial Penalty

If you cancelled more than 24 hours in advance- you will not be financially penalized. If you cancelled between 2 hours and 24 hours, you will be penalized $2 per class. If you cancel LESS THAN 2 HOURS or have a Teacher No Show – you will be penalized $10 per class!

How long is a Vipkid contract?

VIPKid signs 6-month contracts with applicants who pass their screening process and you can work as much or as little as you’d like. Please inform VIPKid 2 weeks in advance if you intend to take an extended period of time off during your contract.

How many cancellations can you have with Vipkid?

Because VIPKid understands that “life happens,” and we don’t always have adequate documentation, we are given a total of 6 regular cancellations per contract. Use these sparingly! And be aware that your “Participation” percentage will drop with any teacher cancellation.

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What should you do at the end of each lesson Vipkid?

If there are IT issues or the child is late, end the lesson only after 28 minutes. When you say goodbye, click ‘Finish Class’ or ‘Enter next class’.

How do I get more Vipkid trial bookings?

VIPKid books trial classes for students who aren’t signed up for the platform yet. So if you’re certified to teach them (check your profile), and can be flexible with your schedule by opening peak peak time (PPT) time slots and checking the “short notice” box, they’re a great way to increase your bookings.

How much do you get paid for trial classes Vipkid?

You do not get paid any extra for teaching VIPKid trial classes, however, you do get paid half IF they do not show up for the class. You will also get paid a $5 bonus per trial student that signs up after your class. Some teachers do not like trial classes, but I personally do for that $5 bonus potential!

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