Frequent question: Which university in Nigeria is best for law?

Which university is best for law?

Top 10 Law Schools in the World Based on the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020
Rank Name of Institution Location
1 Harvard University United States
2 University of Oxford United Kingdom
3 University of Cambridge United Kingdom

Is law a good course to study in Nigeria?

Law is one of the most respected professions in the world and it offers great career opportunities for its graduates. As stated earlier, Law is a very demanding course. … No government provides free books for Law students in Nigeria. So prepare to spend lots of money on books.

Which university offers law in Nigeria?



How much will it cost to study law in Nigeria?

Below is the breakdown of the Nigerian Law School fees: Tuition = N10,000. Hostel Accommodation = N30,000. Hotel Caution Deposit = N10,000.

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Which country is best for law study?

Top Countries to Study Law in

  1. United States. The United States is one of the best countries to study law in. …
  2. United Kingdom. Another excellent country to study law is the United Kingdom. …
  3. Australia. Australia makes an excellent destination for a Law degree. …
  4. Singapore. …
  5. Canada.


What type of lawyer makes the most money?

Highest-Paid Specialties for Lawyers

  • Medical Lawyers. Medical lawyers make one of the highest median wages in the legal field. …
  • Intellectual Property Attorneys. IP attorneys specialize in patents, trademarks, and copyrights. …
  • Trial Attorneys. …
  • Tax Attorneys. …
  • Corporate Lawyers.


Is law a good career in Nigeria?

Law is one of the most popular and respected career choices not only in Nigeria but in the world at large. The course provides you with different specialization options to become a personal injury attorney. Many think a law degree is only useful for a job as a lawyer in the courts, however, this is not so.

Who is the best lawyer in Nigeria?

Best Lawyers in Nigeria

  • Wole Olanipekun, SAN.
  • Gbenga Oyebode.
  • Aare Afe Babalola, SAN.
  • Funke Adekoya.
  • Adedolapo Akinrele.
  • Muhammad Dele Belgore SAN.
  • Adewale Atake, SAN.
  • Chief Joe Kyari Gadzama SAN.

How many years can one study law in Nigeria?

Number of Years it Take to Study Law in Nigeria

Nigeria has a 5year compulsory requirements to study law in the university. During this study, candidates will be required to concentrate on 12 compulsory law courses and they are spread over the 5 years of study.

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What courses are under law?

  • Constitutional Law.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Business Law.
  • Labor Law.
  • Civil Law.
  • Tax Law.
  • Family Law.
  • Environmental Law.

How many law schools do we have in Nigeria?

Nigerian Law School has different campuses and they are located in different parts of Nigeria; there are actually 6 of them. You will be shown below where the 6 law schools are located in Nigeria.

Which private university is the cheapest in Nigeria?

When talking about private univerties in Nigeria, Fountain University is actually one of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria. Fountain University is named Oke Osun after the sacred grove of Osun Osogbo in Osogbo, Nigeria. The Nasrul-lahi-li Fatih Society founded it in 2007.

How much is Babcock school fees?

Babcock University School Fees Schedule – 100 Level.

Classic 106,200
Premium 70,800
Regular 49,560
Clinical/Prog Enhancement fees >2 158,700

What is cut off for law?

JAMB original cut-off mark is 180 but schools fix 200. Law is a very competitive course, so most schools set the cutoff mark to 200-250. It is important you score up to 70% in your Post UTME to increase your chances of getting the admission.

What are the requirements to study law in Nigeria?

Any person with the dream to study law in any university in Nigerian must have obtain at least 5 credits pass in O’level, in the following subjects: Mathematics, English language and Literature; and two credits pass in any other two Arts or social science subjects, such as economics, government, Christian Religious …

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