Do college band members get paid?

Many marching bands offer incentives, ranging from stipends to full-tuition scholarships. So if you think you’re out of options to help pay for college, think again. Many marching bands nationwide have money to help students out with their expenses—you just need to know where to look.

Are college bands paid?

The TV broadcasting rights for college hoops were recently extended for more than $1 billion a year. And the players get paid nothing. That’s not amateurism.

Do colleges pay you to be in marching band?

Now you can begin earning college scholarships for your participation in marching band as early as the 9th grade, even if you don’t plan to pursue it in college. DePauw University, University of Dayton, University of Vermont and 368 other colleges offer up to $10,000 in scholarships for every year of marching band.

Is marching band in college worth it?

Marching band in college is a valuable experience that will give you a great social life, free and fun trips, and a welcome break from academia. While it’s hard work, marching band can also help your career. Some colleges even offer monetary incentives for being a member of the marching band.

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How much do marching band members get paid?

Marching Band Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $45,000 $3,750
75th Percentile $34,000 $2,833
Average $33,475 $2,789
25th Percentile $26,000 $2,166

Does drum major look good for college?

Drum Major is a huge responsibility, and colleges know that. You’ll show leadership on and off the field and will often be the first person that younger students will come to with questions or concerns, since you are acting as a liaison between the band conductor and the students.

Who has the best college marching band?

10 of the Best College Marching Bands

  • Texas A&M Aggie Band. …
  • University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band. …
  • Ohio State University Marching Band. …
  • University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band. …
  • University of Texas Longhorn Band. …
  • Purdue University “All-American” Marching Band. …
  • Ohio University Marching 110.


Can you get a full ride scholarship for band?

Short answer: YES: Colleges offer marching band scholarships! … If you play an instrument or have an interest in joining your high school or college’s marching band, you can qualify and apply for a plethora of marching band scholarships.

What colleges offer music scholarships?

  • Berklee College of Music Presidential Scholarship. …
  • The Glenn Miller Birthplace Society Scholarship Program. …
  • John Lennon Scholarship. …
  • Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship. …
  • Peermusic Latin Scholarship. …
  • National Federation of Music Clubs scholarships. …
  • Jazz Education Network scholarships.


What instrument gets the most scholarships?

What Music Instruments Get the Most Scholarships? The rarer the instrument, the higher the chances are for a student musician to win a scholarship. Instruments like the harp, oboe, tuba, and bassoon have the best scholarships.

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What is it like to be in college marching band?

College marching band is like that a well. You come into a new season in life and a big, scary place becomes less so because of the like-minded individuals that make up the group. Most college bands perform a higher caliber of music repertoire and often will learn multiple shows in a season.

Is Marching Band time consuming?

Endurance. Marching band is a time-consuming, all-weather sport. Your child will take part in uncomfortable summer rehearsals before school starts in the fall, and he or she will have to pile on winter coats and scarves during early winter performances.

Do college bands travel?

Marching band members and cheerleaders at colleges in the American Athletic Conference will not be permitted to travel for football games off-campus or perform on their home field this fall, according to The Commercial Appeal, a publication in Memphis, Tenn.

How much do NFL marching bands make?

What NFL Bands Offer: -Would be full time job – practice 4 days per week, with performances on gameday and throughout the community, perform across the world representing the NFL and band world. -Paid around $40-50K per year (average salary for a music teacher out of school), travel expenses paid for by teams.

Do drum majors get scholarships?

The Drum Major Society supports scholarship opportunities for students to participate in local/regional/collegiate training programs as well as some monetary support for similar endeavors.

Are there professional marching bands?

Professional marching bands really do exist. Learn about four well-known groups and how to perform with them. … You may already know that the U.S. military employs hundreds of musicians, but outside of that, professional marching bands are more difficult to find—though not impossible.

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