Best answer: What is Imperial College Good For?

Imperial has always had a fantastic reputation in the fields of science and technology. In this year’s QS World University Rankings by Subject, the university was ranked in the world’s top 10 universities for engineering & technology subjects as well as natural and environmental sciences.

What is Imperial College best known for?

As the UK’s only university focusing entirely on science, engineering, medicine and business, Imperial is truly unique. We’re ranked among the top ten best universities in the world and around the globe we’re known for innovation, excellence and employability. Our central London location is also a huge advantage.

Is it worth going to Imperial College?

Imperial is worth it if you are prepared to put in the work and effort. It is NOT easy, and if you want to have the classic college experience, partying all the time with very few cares, then Imperial is not the place for you.

What does Imperial College London do?

Imperial is a one-of-a-kind university in the UK, focusing exclusively on science, engineering, medicine and business.

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Which is better Imperial College London or UCL?

As mentioned earlier, Imperial ranks slightly above UCL in the QS World University Rankings® 2022, with Imperial ranking seventh and UCL ranking joint eighth. … Although both rank very similarly for these two indicators, Imperial beats UCL on each.

What rank is Imperial College?

Ranked 8th in the world in the QS World University Rankings® 2021, Imperial College London is a one-of-a-kind institution in the UK, focusing solely on science, engineering, medicine and business.

Why is imperial college so expensive?

Imperial charges a lot because it can. It is right at the top of the world league tables on any rational metric, you can argue a couple of places up or down but it is an elite university. So whilst it is more expensive than other UK universities, the key word here is world.

How hard is it to get into Imperial?

Yes, it is hard to get into for some good reasons, but it’s certainly doable. The two major determinants in the admission process are, not surprisingly, one’s grades for one’s pre-university education and one’s successfulness in the interview.

Is Imperial College stressful?

Stress, Work and more Stress?!

Imperial College is a high-performing and fast paced environment. Often students think the amount of work they have and the level of stress they are under is normal for anybody completing a degree and university.

Is Imperial difficult?

Life at Imperial is hard, as other people have said, but especially so on the Aero course – generally regarded as one of the hardest courses here, but hey you get a good degree.

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What grades do you need to get into Imperial College London?

We require an overall typical score of 39 points (minimum 38), including:

  • 6 / 7 in Higher Level Chemistry (7 is required if Mathematics is offered at grade 6)
  • 6 / 7 in Higher Level Mathematics (7 is required if Chemistry is offered at grade 6).

Is Imperial better than Cambridge?

Because, according to the latest QS World University Rankings, Britain’s universities are outstanding – only the US’s do better – but it is Imperial, not Oxford, that finds itself in joint second place with Cambridge, just a fraction below the Olympian heights of MIT.

What is the acceptance rate for Imperial College London?

14.3% (2015)

How prestigious is Imperial?

Within the scientific community, Imperial is extremely highly regarded for the quality and impact of its research (hence why a recent survey showed that it is the most innovative university in the U.K [1]) However, acknowledgement within the scientific community does not directly translate to prestige and reputation …

Is it hard to get into UCL?

Although most degrees in UCL require AAA, it is less difficult for A-level students today to achieve. Moreover, if we compare UCL to other G5 universities in the UK, we will find that UCL is the easiest to attend among these universities regarding admissions. The tier would be: Admissions: IVY > Top 20 U.S. ≥ UCL.

Is UCL better than Oxford?

UCL is ranked 16th in the world and fourth in the UK behind Oxford, which came first, Cambridge, which jumped two places to second, and Imperial College, London, which was eighth.

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